beyond the depths

Humans are extraordinary. We’ve raced to the moon to explore our Deep Space. Our technology is ever changing in a rapid state, one can only imagine what we might find if we go Beyond the Depths in our own deep sea -- Rapture. Inspired by past work, we’ve dived into what can be done with different blue hues, mimicking the different colors as you dive deeper. The added yellow legends is a take on WYSE Terminal, an original keyset using dark navy legends with yellow arrows. This is a fresh set in use of original colors. We are going through sampling with trial and error with the manufacturer. We provided Pantones to GMK, and we are working with them on samples. The set also uses custom legends, which calls for a higher MOQ. With original cherry equipment, GMK will deliver a beautiful double-shot ABS set with an original cover design and a keycap tray.