We are adding a few sets to create ultimate trifecta. The first set is the original Honeywell we’ve created. We are going back to V1 for this using the infamous $250 red Esc: Honeywell V1. The second set is a mash between Keyboard & Co and Honeywell: Honey & Co. This set will need to go through a few trial and error to get the perfect white on Tiffany Blue contrast. Keyboard & Co’s blue is so iconic and such a perfect accent that I’ve been wanting to bring into Honeywell. The last set is CCnG’s green. We’ve tried to run this set a few times, but we were never successful in this endeavor and are now bringing in just the accent kit. It’s one of the first beautiful custom keycap sets ever made, and we think the best way is to introduce it as an accent kit before investing into a full mod set. Honeywell & Co. will go through some trial and error to get the perfect contrast with the white. Honey & Green has been tested already and we will show some more samples.

As always, we hope you enjoy third round of Honeywell. We highly appreciate all the support from you guys and livingspeedbump for the set. Lets make this the best round yet.

Keyset of the Year 2017

Honeywell had a highly successful run. It is a timeless set that can be translated into our ever expanding culture. It was voted, by the Deskthority community, as Keyset of the Year, and we plan to give it the respect it deserves. Andy and I would definitely like to thank the community for your generosity and continuous support!

We definitely want to redeem the title. We're looking to bring some more old school on old school action.

Honeywell Prices:

Honeywell V1: $175
Honeywell & Co: $175
Honey & Green: $175

A few minor changes:

  • Red keys are back to V1, the original Red Esc.

honeywell is about to head into production. pre orders ARE AVAILABLE NOW!