NOTE: The alpha whites are not true to color.


I still think back to the first day and I am always reminded of how the keyboard craze got started. One of the first forums, kbdmania, was started by a Korean business owner and a Korean keyboard enthusiast. Some of these guys were the first to create the KMAC. The business owner, David, wanted to create an original keyset but there were very little manufacturers that people knew about in the early 2010’s. David decided to create a custom and original set through Signature Plastics (the only one available at the time). He purchased custom moldings for each legend which was $35 per piece and quite an investment. He came up with this, Cream Cheese and Green. I own the set and still treasure it.


LUCKY + CHARM is an inspired piece using the exact same green. The whites are stock GMK colors to save on costs due to custom colors. As I love the manufacturing of GMK with their undeniable quality, I cannot wait to recreate this piece.

NOTE: The alpha whites are not true to color.

NOTE: The alpha whites are not true to color.

cyan 2d

An older set that we are bringing back to life thanks to Dave. Dave has been a trooper in helping us advertise our humble company. One of the sets that pop due to bright colorways, Cyan 2D uses all stock GMK colors. The first set was released in 2014 and it was one of the very first GMK group buys. Due to the limited amount of sets available because of how limiting group buys were in the early days, we want to bring the set back in its original form, no changes — just the same way it was when we first made it. Okay, maybe some changes to make it fit the modern keyboard.

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