From Fruity to Deadly, Jessica is bringing this set up from the ground. Necro uses subtle colors to give off a unique aura that has never been done by any keysets. It is designed for typists who requires a professional atmosphere. As always, we are working with GMK manufacturer to bring the needed colors to the set. The colors will be tested through Jessica and Originative to provide the best experience for the customers. GMK Necro uses ABS plastic with two-shot injection molding technique for never fading legends.

Any past orders from Jessica's store will be invoiced through Originative. If you made an order through both sites, you will be automatically entered for a chance for a Necro-inspired Fugu. If you have not received an invoice, please send us your order information from DMkeys to

Necro MOQ Prices:

250 - $180
400 - $175
500 - $170

All colors are in the works. Colors will be finalized with both Jessica and I with samples from GMK.


We are proud to announce another collaboration with two artisan makers from the community, Bro Caps and Nightcaps. Both artists will use sample colors to create offerings with inspiration from the Necro colors.

How to Enter:

  1. Past orders placed through DMKeys and invoiced/paid through Originative will automatically be entered for a limited Necro Fugu
  2. For Brocaps, there will be a sale on exclusively for people who purchased Necro from Originative as soon as samples are color matched
  3. All other orders within the group buy time frame will automatically be entered for a Necro Fugu


  • Group Buy begins on 6/7
  • Group Buy ends on 7/6
  • Orders are submitted to GMK on 7/6
  • Shipment begins on 10/15

All information above are subject to change.