Both sets are currently available on Massdrop. We’ll most likely push for CYAN 2D, but LUCKY + CHARM will only be pushed through a mod plus an accent kit.

DEEP SPACE UPDATE #2 (final render)

Hello Keyboardists,

We’ve got the updated render for Deep Space.

  • 180 keys

  • Updated Novelties

  • Added additional R4 keys

With the addition of the new keys, we will have to increase the price from today (2/26) to new buyers. The price will increase from $180 to $190.

Thank you guys for participating in this group buy. We couldn’t have done it with the help of Booper, Nightcaps, Livingspeedbump, Keyboard Yoga Club, and especially you guys!

We will still conclude the groupbuy on March 8th and winners of the artisans will be picked out once production ends.



First of all, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the overwhelming response we have had to this set. As a result, we have already sold up to the target number of sets we were aiming for, and as such have made the decision to end the GB period early. We’ve decided on this because we want to ensure that we can deliver the level of customer service we strive for in terms of fulfillment and logistics, and also to expedite the production process to minimize the lead time so that you will be able to receive your sets at an earlier date.

We understand that by setting a GB end date, that there will be a number of people who might have budgeted accordingly for the end date and this news may leave them in a position to not be able to purchase and support this set. This of course will not sit well with us, thus, we will be offering two different extension formats.

1. We will leave the GB open for orders until Friday the 15th and it will close at 9 pm PST.

2. We will allow people to place an order with a $10 deposit (after 2/15), and they can then complete their purchase by making payment in full by the 8th of March. Any orders unpaid by this date will have their deposit refunded. DEPOSIT HERE

For those who choose option 2, we will cover the rest of the cost of the set and place the order with GMK immediately. Any orders that are unpaid after March 8th will be re-listed on the site as extras.


ORIGINATIVE has all been sent.

The invoices for the Necro Artisans just went out. We will be shipping them as soon as tomorrow since today is a National Day.

Tokyo Nights is on track to still ship during January. We’ll let you know if anything changes.


The Originative (White on Black) set is arriving the week of 11/5/2018. As soon as we receive the sets, we will give another update and ship the sets immediately.



  • Production should conclude soon

  • We will be shipping these out as soon as we receive them


  • The colors have been selected early October by Jessica

  • The sets should be in production

Tokyo Nights

  • We selected the colors early October

  • The purple has a very nice purple tone against black

  • Some samples have been sent to the artisan!

  • The sets should be in production

  • Get ready for more updates regarding Tokyo Nights as this set is not over!

tokyo night samples


Thank you guys for joining us in our soft launch! It was highly successful and we definitely couldn't have done that without you guys.

The NO. 1 packaging is still being worked on. There was a disclaimer on the description of the product. If you do need a refund, address change, or anything, do let us know!

The launch will come very soon.

As for the GMK Originative, we are still putting in the order but GMK has been really busy for the past week. We will let you guys know as soon as our order follows through.

The last thing on the agenda is we are planning to launch yet another group buy this week. Please stay tuned for the set as it's going to be very special :)


Honeywell is still undergoing a little more shipping, but we are 90% finished with the fulfillment.

Thank you for your support and patience :)


   The summer in Los Angeles has been really hot. These two months have been wild. We just came off of a vacation starting July 2. Thanks for being patient with us! We will be sharing some pictures of our vacay and June with you guys real soon.


Minor Updates

  • Honeywell will be shipping to us within the next two weeks.
  • Necro is still being sampled
  • Stabilizers designed by RAMA being prototyped again

Major Updates

  • TypeMachina soft launch... (stay tuned next week)
  • U80 almost done
  • 2 new gmk sets to launch

I highly appreciate the patience again and I hope you guys are ready for what we have to come.




The Origins has been completed. We have a few left. Any order today will be shipped out within 1-2 business days! Woo!


The set arrives this week. We should start shipping these out fairly soon. We're hoping June 11-13.


We have a few group buys running! Make sure to check them all out

In other news, we do have some stuff to share with you guys this month. We'll probably share it later in the month. We'll also be on Holiday from July 2-20 so the customer service might be slower than usual but please don't worry as we will try to get back to you at our earliest convenience. Our goal is to definitely work with you! We will have someone coming in to ship our products, but this may mean that the product may ship within 1-3 business days instead of 1-2 business days.

Thanks for reading!



A few HyperFuse Origins might be awaiting some of your doorsteps!

We just wanted to let you know that those who won a BRO or GAF might have to wait just a bit longer...

NECRO sets are being invoiced, so please be on a look out for that. If you had a DMKEY order, did not get an invoice order from us, please let us know to be entered for the special raffle :)

Lastly, Honeywell MOQ has surely passed. We're working with setting up the order with GMK at the moment. Check out whilst they are in stock.


We have reached MOQ, so we will proceed with the order through GMK. We will submit the order on Monday.

The Group Buy will still be open until 5/25. If we do reach 250 quantities by then, we will lower the price and refund all the current orders.

Thanks for your participation in yet another successful group buy through Originative. Stay Tuned for more keysets:

  • SNES
  • ORIGINATIVE (White on Black)

A minor setback: the Honeywell are now expected to arrive in mid August instead of July.


A rare occasion but there is minor setback with the carrier. The shipment has been delayed twice due to some issues with the airline.

The items should be delivered within 5-7 business days.

We're extremely sorry for the delay, and we definitely hope to get these out to you soon.

Don't miss out on the Honeywell!


The item is packaged and should be ready to ship to us next week.

We should have all items shipped to you by Mid-May! Happy Clacking and Stay Tuned!


The spacebars came with the Sky Dolch shipment. We shipped out all the Keyboard & Co. set first!


  • sets arrived
  • quality check
  • ship by end of week or first week of april
  • honeywell group buy starts soon


All invoices have been sent.

We will allow people up until Wednesday 2 PM to make all final payments. If payments are not made, we will cancel the invoice and send them to the next in line.

Thanks for your participation in both the HyperFuse Origin and the Raffle :)


Sky Dolch will finally be shipping towards the end the upcoming week along with K&Co. grey spacebars. Expect a shipping notification soon.


First of all, we would like to take the time to thank everyone who participated in the HyperFuse Origins event, it was a tremendous success and we are incredibly excited to bring it to you.

I would like to take this opportunity to update and clarify a few things regarding the artisan draws for people who purchased the keyset.

We are taking a little longer than planned to finalise the draws as we have been working closely with the artisans involved to maximise the amount of caps we have available to offer and get as many out to you guys as possible.

We will contact all winners by the 23rd of this month (March) via email with full purchase instructions.

Sadly we will only be able to contact winners due to volume, but we will update via the regular channels once all emails have been sent so people don’t have to keep waiting.

Once your name has been drawn and you have been contacted, you will have 48 hours to complete payment.

Each different artisan will have slightly different fulfilment times and options, these details will be included in any winners emails, and once finalised also updated here.

As mentioned above we have been working closely with the people collaborating with us on this buy, and have some surprises and additional colour variants up our sleeves we can’t wait to share with you.

At this time I would also like to remind everyone, as the keyset order is paid and booked with GMK, all sales are now final, should anyone cancel because of the results of the artisan draws, they will not be able to participate in future sales with ourselves or our partners.

Good Luck!