First of all, we would like to extend a huge thank you to the overwhelming response we have had to this set. As a result, we have already sold up to the target number of sets we were aiming for, and as such have made the decision to end the GB period early. We’ve decided on this because we want to ensure that we can deliver the level of customer service we strive for in terms of fulfillment and logistics, and also to expedite the production process to minimize the lead time so that you will be able to receive your sets at an earlier date.

We understand that by setting a GB end date, that there will be a number of people who might have budgeted accordingly for the end date and this news may leave them in a position to not be able to purchase and support this set. This of course will not sit well with us, thus, we will be offering two different extension formats.

1. We will leave the GB open for orders until Friday the 15th and it will close at 9 pm PST.

2. We will allow people to place an order with a $10 deposit (after 2/15), and they can then complete their purchase by making payment in full by the 8th of March. Any orders unpaid by this date will have their deposit refunded. DEPOSIT HERE

For those who choose option 2, we will cover the rest of the cost of the set and place the order with GMK immediately. Any orders that are unpaid after March 8th will be re-listed on the site as extras.