MOD Switch (Tactile)



MOD Switch (Tactile)


The MOD switch was built with the keyboard community in mind. The switch was designed by the community. An ergo clear switch consists of using either a Cherry Brown or Cherry Red weighted spring in a Cherry Clear switch, a tactile touch switch with a larger bump than the Cherry Brown. We eliminated everything in between and have provided such a switch without the repetitive task. The switch is lubricated on the the side of the sliders for more smooth and less scratchy feeling.


  • 45g Actuation Force
  • 62g Bottom out Force
  • Magenta Color Stem

These switches are a hybrid between Cherry Brown and Cherry Clear switches. They are perfect for the light typists who crave that tactile bump.


  • 55g Actuation Force
  • 68g Bottom out Force
  • Cyan Color Stem

The medium weight has a slightly more resistance than the MOD-L. The tactile bump is moderately stronger.


  • 62g Actuation Force
  • 78g Bottom out Force
  • Orange Color Stem 

The heavy weight bottoms out at approximately ~80g. For the typists with a stronger hand, the tactile bump is identical to the MOD-M. 


  • 70g Actuation Force
  • Neon Green Color Stem


  • Compatible with Cherry MX Keycaps
  • PCB Mounted
  • Choice of 70, 90, or 110 switches per bag